Investment Philosophy and Approach

With more than 450 investment professionals based in North America, Europe and Asia, we offer a broad range of actively managed investment strategies and solutions covering global, regional and domestic markets and asset classes.

Our investment teams share a common set of values and a commitment to delivering the investment outcomes our clients expect. Our investment approach is underpinned by a culture that is dynamic and interactive and by processes that are team-based, performance driven and risk aware.

Investment philosophy

We believe that we can deliver strong and repeatable risk-adjusted returns for our clients through:

  • An active approach that takes advantage of market inefficiencies
  • Our perspective advantage - the combination of macro and micro insights
  • The appropriate allocation of risk.

Perspective Advantage

Investment approach

We invest in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The ability to exchange and debate investment insights in a genuinely collaborative environment enriches our teams' individual investment processes, and results in better informed investment decisions for our clients.

Our investment approach is based on creative thinking, sharing of ideas and rigorous debate, combined with disciplined oversight. By working together across asset classes and geographies, we generate richer perspectives on global, regional and local investment landscapes.

Our macro level understanding of economies, markets and themes helps inform our investment decisions at the micro level - when we are constructing portfolios. And when we are conducting fundamental research, the information we gather from companies, government agencies and industry experts helps shape our macro views.

This collaborative approach gives us a significantly enhanced global research platform that generates a richer source of potential investment ideas. Our investment teams remain true to their respective styles and processes - there is no requirement for portfolio managers to subscribe to specific ideas and views. But, the pooling and sharing of research globally allows us to make better use of our collective intellectual capital. This puts us in an even stronger position to generate compelling investment ideas.


We offer choice across the risk / return spectrum, with proven expertise and a broad range of strategies, from long-only through to absolute return investments.

In an increasingly complex marketplace, we tailor investment solutions to meet the specific and evolving needs of individual institutions.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments - investment capabilities

Equity Fixed Income Alternatives Investment solutions
Global and EAFE Government bonds Real estate LDI / ALM
Regional & single country Credit  Commodities Asset allocation
Large cap growth & value Emerging market debt Equities long / short Volatility management
Small & mid cap Convertibles Fixed income long / short Currency management
Equity income Asset-backed securities  Emerging market macro Customised solutions
Emerging markets Bank loans    
  Social bonds     
Asset allocation    


Risk management

Our risk management framework is core to our investment approach. This ensures clients' assets are managed in line with agreed objectives and parameters.