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About Columbia Threadneedle Foundation

Columbia Threadneedle Foundation is committed to investing in the community through partnerships that create positive social impact. We focus on charities that use education, art and sport to engender lasting social change. Common threads we look for in our programmes and charity partners include the ability to build skills and confidence, challenge perspectives and broaden horizons.
We apply a responsible and rigorous process to the Foundation’s investments to ensure long-term sustainable partnerships are created. The Foundation aims to grow its investment in the community by working with partners that reflect Columbia Threadneedle’s principles of responsibility, integrity and excellence in the work they do.
In addition to financial support, the Foundation provides volunteering and pro bono opportunities for Columbia Threadneedle employees, to encourage meaningful engagement with our charity partners. The Foundation also supports the tremendous efforts of employees raising money for charity, via payroll giving and matched giving programmes.
Columbia Threadneedle’s commitment to investing in the community reflects that of Ameriprise Financial, the global organisation we are part of. Based in the US, Ameriprise focuses on helping individuals struggling to meet basic needs achieve economic stability by funding efforts to solve domestic hunger, end homelessness, and build strong and active communities.

Columbia Threadneedle Foundation is a UK registered Charity (no: 1158970). The Foundation receives its funding in the form of an annual financial contribution from Threadneedle Asset Management Limited.


A vibrant arts sector brings a wide range of social, cultural and economic benefits. For more than 10 years, Columbia Threadneedle has been a major supporter of the arts in the UK through partnerships that span visual arts, art as therapy and art-based education programmes for diverse groups and communities from London and around the UK.


We are acutely aware of the need to improve financial education and financial inclusion in communities throughout the UK. The Foundation supports a range of education programmes and initiatives, from grassroots school and community-based schemes to scholarships designed to improve access to higher education.


We recognise the unique power of sport to engage and motivate, build comradery and improve emotional and physical wellbeing, particularly among young people.


We look for opportunities where the talent and professional expertise of Columbia Threadneedle’s people can add support, through skills-based and other volunteering projects. Not only does volunteering enhance our wider support for charities, it gives our employees the chance to develop new skills and network within the business, and for teams to collaborate more effectively across departments.

Latest Columbia Threadneedle Foundation News

8 July 2021

Supporting financial education in UK primary schools

Columbia Threadneedle Foundation is a founding supporter of a new charity, the ‘Centre for Financial Capability’. This charity will aim to provide effective and high-quality financial education to every primary aged child in the UK.
Read time - 2 min
18 December 2020

Charity partners innovate to respond in 2020

Our charity partners have re-imagined what they do to support vulnerable groups and individuals in 2020. Here we highlight just some of the creative solutions from our charity partners this year.
Read time - 8 min
30 November 2020

Take One Picture opens at the National Gallery

Columbia Threadneedle Foundation is pleased to sponsor the ‘Take One Picture’ programme and exhibition at the National Gallery in London for the third year. This year’s free exhibition will run from 2 December 2020 until 31 January 2021.
Read time - 1 min