April 2020

Recession and the long road to recovery

Anwiti Bahuguna

Head of Multi-Asset Strategy, North America

The first official measures of the economic impact of coronavirus are being released, and it is now all but inevitable that we will see a deep contraction in economic activity in the US as a result of the shutdown implemented to contain the virus.

31 March 2020

Q&A: Emerging markets and the coronavirus

Dara White

Global Head of Emerging Market Equities

Dara White, Global Head of Emerging Market Equities, answers questions about the current state of the asset class and how we position ourselves to get through the crisis.

March 2020

UK real estate: a consistent approach to weather uncertain times

John Willcock

Head of UK Real Estate

Real estate is not immune from the forces affecting the global economy; however, our market is well placed to weather the storm.

March 2020

Global Technology: market volatility update

Paul Wick

Portfolio Manager

COVID-19 is clearly having a significant negative effect on the world economy and financial markets, including the technology sector. Away from the outbreak, the fundamental backdrop for the sector remains healthy, as many of the positive trends of recent years continue to drive the market.

26 March 2020

Coronavirus: Earthquakes, aftershocks and recovery

Colin Moore

Global Chief Investment Officer

Aftershocks are a frequent and disruptive result of an earthquake caused by the displacement effects of the main shock. While alarming themselves, they are often a reasonably predictable outcome of the main event. Large earthquakes can have hundreds of aftershocks. While there are familiar patterns to the distribution and magnitude of aftershocks, there can be surprises. However, they typically tend to decline in magnitude and frequency with time.

26 March 2020

Asset Allocation Update

Toby Nangle

Global Head of Asset Allocation

Credit upgraded amid fluid and uncertain backdrop

The ultimate public health costs and economic impact of Covid-19 are at this time unknown. Public health responses have weighed the human cost of intensive care units being overwhelmed and the number of preventable deaths exploding against the jump higher in unemployment, collapse in investment and demand destruction attached to social distancing. Governments have, understandably, chosen life over wealth.

March 2020

Coronavirus/market volatility: TLux GMAI update

Maya Bhandari and Felicity Long

Portfolio Manager, Multi Asset and Client Portfolio Manager, Multi Asset

Markets have been trying to digest the impact of Covid-19 on economic activity and government policy. This is hard. The financial impact will be a function not only of the spread and lethality of the virus, but on the response of people and governments to the threat the virus poses to public health.

March 2020

European equities: Coronavirus market volatility - performance update

Francis Ellison

Client Portfolio Manager

Markets are very weak and volatile, as you would expect with such uncertainty around the Covid-19 outbreak.

March 2020

Global equities: Coronavirus market volatility - performance update

Andrew Harvie

Client Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

Concerns around coronavirus have been felt in global equity markets for more than a month now. However, things escalated last week, with the steep sell-off in oil further compounding fear around the recessionary impact of the virus.

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