July 2020

A drift higher for risk markets.


In Credit - Weekly Snapshot

Our fixed income team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

June 2020

Good as gold.


In Credit - Weekly Snapshot

Our fixed income team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

12 June 2020

An equities ‘barbell’ strategy amid continued uncertainty

Natasha Ebtehadj and Felicity Long

Portfolio Manager and Client Portfolio Manager

We try to avoid the temptation to say, “we live in unprecedented times”. After all, remarkable things happen all the time and it is our successful navigation of them that will add value for our clients. But there is no doubt we are currently living through one of the most significant events in recent economic history – what may become termed the “Great Covid Recession”.

June 2020

Are markets ahead of the economy and should they be?

Colin Moore

Global Chief Investment Officer

The S&P 500 has rallied more than 35% off its March low. For some, considering the current economic data cataloguing the wreckage of the coronavirus-induced economic shutdown, the move appears to defy common sense. It has prompted many to ask whether financial markets are ahead of the economy, and whether they should be?

12 June 2020

Market updates

Investment Team Updates


Find the latest key market updates, regarding the following asset classes: Fixed income, European equities, US equities, Japanese equities, Global equities, Multi-asset.

9 June 2020

Stock markets: Looking ahead

Columbia Threadneedle Investments


What bear markets and bull rebounds can teach us about how the stock market works, and how we may navigate current and future market contractions.

22 May 2020

Asset Allocation Update

Maya Bhandari & Felicity Long

Portfolio Manager & Client Portfolio Manager

Our thoughts on the world today

Global economic activity has suffered a “sudden stop” as authorities have sought to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus by shutting down economies.

11 May 2020

Investment grade credit: how cheap are credit spreads?

Christopher Hult

Portfolio Manager, Fixed income

From the middle of February to late March was one of the worst periods of performance for risk markets in general and for investment grade (IG) credit in particular. This was in response to the Covid-19 crisis and was marked by both the speed and extent of the spread widening.

May 2020

Dismal data and downgrades continue.


In Credit - Weekly Snapshot

Our fixed income team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

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