Coronavirus: research, research, research…

Middling growth, markets unnerved

At Columbia Threadneedle Investments, our team of 180 analysts and research associates is dedicated to original, independent research. Working collaboratively across all major asset classes our teams utilize big data and analytics, such as machine learning and augmented intelligence, to turn information into forward-looking insights that add real value to investment decisions, enabling consistent and replicable outcomes for our clients.

UK real estate: a consistent approach to weather uncertain times

UK Property

Real estate is not immune from the forces affecting the global economy; however, our market is well placed to weather the storm.

Coronavirus: Earthquakes, aftershocks and recovery

EN - How subconscious screening can create shrinking investment universes

Aftershocks are a frequent and disruptive result of an earthquake caused by the displacement effects of the main shock. While alarming themselves, they are often a reasonably predictable outcome of the main event. Large earthquakes can have hundreds of aftershocks. While there are familiar patterns to the distribution and magnitude of aftershocks, there can be surprises. However, they typically tend to decline in magnitude and frequency with time.

Asia Quarterly Bulletin – Winter 2020

Asia Quarterly Bulletin Winter 2020 banner

In this issue we explore Asia’s exceptionally high-yielding bond markets, why the 21st century belongs to Asian investors and the Indian economy with problems piling up for Narendra Modi.

Why the 21st century belongs to Asian investors

Why the 21st century belongs to Asian investors

There is a huge shift in economic activity towards the east, all of which requires financing.

Ten European surprises for Asian investors

Ten European surprises for Asian investors

The continent hosts world-beating companies with competitive advantages which underpin robust growth and sustainable shareholder returns.