Columbia Threadneedle Sustainable Outcomes Global Equity Capability

At a glance

A concentrated Global equity capability that invests in high-quality companies targeting positive sustainable outcomes and strong financial returns.

Reasons to invest

Twin rewards

We aim to provide positive sustainable outcomes and strong financial returns – these two objectives are perfectly in harmony and enable clients to invest in a better future.

Strong credentials

We are a pioneer in responsible investment with capabilities dating back over 20 years. We were a UN PRI founding signatory and have consistently rated A+ for equities ever since.1

Integrated approach

Our team of responsible investment analysts are fully integrated with fundamental research specialists, and our approach dovetails with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

1 Source: PRI, as at May 2021. Threadneedle Asset Management Limited was a founding signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment in 2006.


What we mean by ‘high-quality’ companies

We believe that:

  • Companies that contribute to sustainable outcomes by offering solutions to meet these changing demands will enjoy superior growth, returns and wider competitive moats in the long term.
  • Strong and/or improving ESG credentials are a key component of the quality of a company and its management.
  • A strong and sustainable competitive advantage is also vital in sustaining a company’s returns on capital over the long term.


Our sustainable themes mapped to primary SDGs

Investing for change

  • The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a catalyst for change, creating new investment opportunities
  • Our eight sustainable themes draw on these SDGs and encompass a range of social and environmental outcomes
  • We believe investment based on these themes can deliver not just impact for investors but solid financial returns

UN logos. Use does not imply UN endorsement. Use for promotion of the SDGs. Our thematic framework draws on all SDGs, but the primary SDGs per theme are shown here.

Portfolio manager



Pauline Grange
Portfolio Manager

Pauline Grange interview: sustainability and investing

Global sustainable outcomes - News & Views

Global Sustainable Outcomes, and how Covid-19 could change the world for ever


9 December 2021

Pauline Grange & Jess Williams

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities & Portfolio Analyst, Responsible Investment

Global Sustainable Outcomes - News & Views Q3 2021

We look at the economic consequences of shutting down the world and then hitting the restart button; as well as the issue of increasing water scarcity around the globe and the social and economic costs of finding solutions to this.
Read time - 12 min
9 September 2021

Pauline Grange & Jess Williams

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities & Portfolio Analyst, Responsible Investment

Global Sustainable Outcomes - News & Views Q2 2021

This issue looks at how different levels of vaccination and approaches to dealing with Covid-19 have led to some world economies lagging others, and explores how this year the climate crisis became real and what this means for businesses.
Read time - 12 min
20 July 2021

Andrea Carzana & Natalia Luna

Portfolio Manager & Senior Thematic Investment Analyst, Responsible Investment

EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ strengthens sustainable outcomes focus

The European Commission has unveiled its Fit for 55 roadmap setting out the transformation to deliver the European Union’s 2030 target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.
Read time - 5 min

Portfolio manager

Pauline Grange
Portfolio Manager

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Dennis Quah
Head of Wholesale Distribution and Head of Product, Asia
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Sales Director, Wholesale Distribution, Hong Kong & China
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