Investment Capabilities

With more than 450 investment professionals based in North America, Europe and Asia, we offer a broad range of actively managed investment strategies and solutions covering global, regional and domestic markets and asset classes.

We have the size and capabilities to innovate and compete globally, while continuing our local focus in core markets.

Our investment teams share a common set of values and a commitment to delivering the investment outcomes our clients expect. Our investment approach is underpinned by a culture that is dynamic and interactive and by processes that are team-based, performance driven and risk aware.

Together, we have the size and capabilities to innovate and compete globally, while continuing our local focus in core markets. This means our clients benefit from the depth and diversity of our investment proposition.

Our Range

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Fixed Income

Fixed income is one of our primary focuses and a major opportunity for our investors. We manage fixed income assets across the credit spectrum including emerging markets, high yield, governments, investment grade, money markets and ABS.

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Equities form a major part of our total investments. Managed by a highly experienced team of professionals and organised by regional desks, we provide our clients with an unrivalled global equities perspective.

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Our property team uses an active, hands-on approach that emphasises stock selection as the main driver of long-term outperformance.

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Our multi-asset strategies are designed to profit from a variety of different market conditions by blending investments, incorporating our thinking across in-house portfolios.

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Global investment solutions

Client needs drive our Global Investment Solutions business. Our journey together starts with a commitment to understanding the client’s business, the outcomes they are trying to achieve, their specific challenges and the regulatory environment that they operate in.

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About Us

Millions of people around the world rely on Columbia Threadneedle Investments to manage their money. We look after investments for individual investors, financial advisers and wealth managers, as well as insurance firms, pension funds and other institutions.

Investment approach

At Columbia Threadneedle, we are intentionally built to help you succeed. We equip our investment professionals with the resources, tools and insights they need to achieve or surpass the outcomes our clients expect.


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